Wolf Creek

The Wolf Creek Watershed is a sub-watershed of the lower Mora Watershed, but its unique characteristics and the large size of the Mora Watershed warranted addressing Wolf Creek independently. Wolf Creek is impaired because of limited flow; this historically perennial stream is now only intermittent because of numerous factors that we hope to illuminate and remediate in this plan. The planning process entails working closely with the primary landowner of the Wolf Creek Watershed to explore methods to enhance stream flows while improving land productivity.

Prior to and during the planning project two significant in-stream restoration projects HPWA acquired funding to begin work in Wolf Creek. The Playa Lakes Joint Venture funded an effort to build 40 one-rock-dams and worm ditches along 2 miles of stream to rebuild wetland habitat and improve surface and underground water storage to help recharge stream flows. This project was then followed by a North American Wetland Conservation Act grant in cooperation with the NM Land Conservancy to continue Wolf Creek restoration downstream another 1.5 miles with hand-built in-stream structures (work is underway).

Watershed-wide restoration has also been underway with road drainage improvements and restoring alluvial fans that have been historically drained with arroyo erosion.

Wolf Creek Watershed Based Plan

We have received our EPA approval on the Wolf Creek Watershed Plan (attached) and are now ready for implementation. This is our fourth Watershed Based Plan. If you feel so inclined, feel to free download and read through the plan, familiarize yourself with the work that needs to be done and perhaps join one of our volunteer days over in Wolf Creek!

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