Sapello Watershed

Sapello River Watershed

In late 2018, HPWA began working in the Sapello River Watershed by developing a Watershed Based Plan. This plan addresses the water quality concerns of excessive sedimentation, limited flow, limited dissolved oxygen, and excessive temperatures that are primarily caused by upland, streambank, and stream channel erosion, and degraded upland and riparian vegetation. This effort will be completed in 2021 enabling the commencement of on-the-ground restoration work. To develop this plan, HPWA has:

+ Interviewed 21 watershed residents and agency partners to include their knowledge.
+ Walked or drove alongside of 10+ miles of river to examine degraded conditions and look for project opportunities.
+ Studied water quality and stream geomorphology conditions.
+ In the process of developing Management and Restoration Measures to improve water quality and overall watershed health and writing the plan.
+ Held 6 educational events including 2 with Sapello Elementary School students.
+ Produced 3 educational videos, one webinar, and are in the process of producing another webinar.


A watershed-based plan for the Sapello watershed has just been completed and approved. Download it by clicking on the button below.

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