Gallinas River Park, Las Vegas NM

In 2016 Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance teamed up with the (then) Las Vegas-San Miguel Economic Development Corporation to spearhead the revitalization of the Gallinas River Park in downtown Las Vegas. A group of collaborators was formed consisting of many businesses, government entities, and community organizations to begin transforming the Gallinas River Park from an underused and abused park into the centerpiece of our town. The vision was for it to be a natural refuge and recreation resource that honors local river heritage while supporting a healthy river ecosystem and a vibrant community.

Since then, significant work has been done to realize this dream to the credit of the many players that have been involved. This significant project, estimated at $6.5 million, will take a collaborative effort by many Las Vegas organizations and people. Now, the Friends of the Gallinas River Park, a program of the Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance and working closely with the City of Las Vegas, continues to coordinate and facilitate the revitalization of the Gallinas River Park and its long-term management and maintenance.

The Gallinas River Park Project Video!!

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