GRP Unity Orchard

The Unity Orchard is a project of the Friends of Gallinas River Park and is located on the west side of the Gallinas River at the southern footbridge within Gallinas River Park. When completed, the Unity Orchard will have about twenty semi-dwarf fruit trees, mostly apple, along with many bushes for fruit and small animal habitat. There will be pathways for people to walk among the trees plus tables and benches to relax and converse.

The Unity Orchard gathers folks from all over the city. Families can have a picnic and small groups can meet. Teachers and students from both school districts can have cross-disciplinary lessons in such topics as writing, art, history, biology, and gardening.

Close to the river, the Unity Orchard offers a quiet place for reflection, for listening to the water flow, for watching the animals and birds, for connecting to nature and a vision of the world beyond just ourselves and the latest news story.

The Unity Orchard follows the Gallinas River Park Master Plan design in its installation tasks, which include such things as: moving some stones, trimming some trees, installing an irrigation system, installing pathways, planting trees and bushes, and installing the tables and benches. Once installation is complete, maintenance tasks include monitoring and repair of the irrigation system, keeping the orchard clear of trash, and caring for the plants as they become established. Many other tasks will arise along the way. Some tasks are completed by city workers or contracted out; others are suitable for volunteers.

If you are interested in the Unity Orchard, please come to enjoy the space and observe the progress at the southern footbridge on the west side of the river. If you have questions or would like to volunteer to help, please email

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The Unity Orchard project is supported by…

1.) The City of Las Vegas

2.) Friends of Gallinas River Park

3.) Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance

4.) West Las Vegas School District

5.) Las Vegas Community Foundation

6.) Mike Bode

7.) Rotary Club of Las Vegas

8.) Sunrise Kiwanis

9.) Noon Kiwanis

10.) Semilla Natural Foods

11.) First United Presbyterian Church

12.) New Mexico State University at East Las Vegas Schools – Peter Skelton

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