Driver’s Guide & Storymap

Gallinas Watershed Driver’s Guide

Join Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance for a driving tour of the Upper Gallinas Watershed, located in northeastern New Mexico. The tour will guide you from Johnson Mesa, near the headwaters of the Gallinas River, to the City of Las Vegas’ Water Treatment Plant.

During our tour, we will discover what makes a watershed, where our water comes from, and how as a community, we can impact and improve the quality and quantity of our water and the health of our watershed.


The Driver’s Guide and the Storymap were produced prior to the 2022 Hermit’s Peak and Calf Canyon fire. If you do use these tools, don’t expect a 1:1 ratio of what the guide shows vs. what you see along the drive…there’s a lot of fire damage all throughout our watershed. We do however hope you find both the guide and the storymap a useful source of information and a joy to use. Thank you!

Click the above button to download a pdf version of the Driver’s Guide. If you’re using your phone to download it, you can find the downloaded pdf file in the File Manager app of your phone. If you don’t have a File Manager app on your phone, you can download one from the app store (iphone) or the play store (android).

Story Map of the Gallinas Watershed

This is an Arc GIS storymap, developed with the goal of taking a person on a virtual trip through the Gallinas Watershed, from the Headwaters to the lower Gallinas. Click on the photo to view.

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