Video of the Month

Youth Conservation Corp Summer Work Presentation

Here is a presentation given by our Summer 2023 YCC work crew that worked in the Sapello Canyon all summer, at various private property, to restore areas in the burn scar. They learned a slew of low-tech restoration techniques and got in tons of practice building these structures. The work they did was to prevent further erosion of our precious soils, stop sediment from getting into our waterways, plant seeds and mulch areas of the burn scar, stop various debris from coming down the mountains, etc. They’ll fill you in!

Further Videos

Gallinas Work Crew Tour

Our Gallinas Work Crew takes you on a tour through Mr. Leyba’s private property, showcasing all the work they’ve done at this site. Summer 2023.

YCC Sapello Work Crew Tour

Our YCC work crew takes us on a tour through the Litherland’s Property in Sapello, showcasing all the work they’ve been busy with. 2023

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