Educational Videos

Land Stewardship Series

The Land Stewardship Series are videos showcasing the work that HPWA does to monitor and restore our local watersheds. Each video explores a different aspect of the job, from data monitoring and collecting to building water catching systems, installing green infrastructure and restoring local rivers through the use of simple natural structures such as “one rock dams”, “baffles” and more…

Monitoring River Temperature Along the Gallinas River

Mr. Richard Pratt, the [prior] GIS Analyst and Monitoring Coordinator, walks us through data monitoring along Beaver Creek in the Gallinas Canyon.

Storm Water Treatment Systems and Green Infrastructure

Aaron Kauffman, of Southwest Urban Hydrology, walks us through storm water treatment systems and green infrastructure that he incorporates into urban landscape to aid water catchment and natural water filtration. This video focuses on some rain gardens that were installed in the West Las Vegas High School parking lots.

Riparian Vegetation along the Gallinas River

Amina Sena, HPWA’s Watershed Restoration Director, takes us on a small tour through the Gallinas River Park while giving us the run down on a healthy riparian corridor and what that looks like.

How To Build A Willow Fascine

Shot in 2014, Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance shows you how to build a willow fascine on an eroding river bank.

Data Monitoring Along Wolf Creek

In this video, Richard Pratt shows you our method for collecting data about stream flow and flood retention along the Wolf Creek Corridor.

Las Vegas, New Mexico Water Treatment Facility

This video was put together as an addition to the Story Map tour which takes you through our Gallinas River watershed. This video explains how water from our watershed is treated and finds it’s way to the tap for our local community to enjoy.

2020 Beaver Summit

In December of 2020, the Defenders of Wildlife hosted a multiple day summit all about beavers. Below are the different panels discussing multiple aspects of beavers, ranging from why we should care about beavers to a future of beavers and what that looks like for land management and health.

Why beavers? Living With Beavers Return of the Beaver A Vision For The Future

Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance created supplemental videos to go with the conference, one of which is completed with the rest currently under development.

Beaver Series

Why Beaver? – Winter/Spring 2021

How Beavers Benefit Landowners – Completed (You can watch below)

Beaver Economics – Fall 2021

Living With Beaver – Winter 2021

Return of the Beaver – Spring 2022