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Publications Related to Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance

New Mexico Environment Department – Surface Water Quality Bureau – Watershed Protection Section:

Environmental Protecton Agency – Clean Water Act:

Cimarron Watershed Alliance:

City of Las Vegas:

New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute:

Memorial Middle School Agricultural Extension:

New Mexico Highlands University:

New Mexico State Forestry:

Quivira Coalition:

San Miguel County:

United World College – USA:

Upper Pecos Watershed Association:

US Forest Service Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District:

Tierra Y Montes SWCD:

Western Hardrock Watershed Team:

Fort Union Ranch:

Cows and Fish

The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, also known as “Cows and Fish”, is a non-profit society striving to foster a better understanding of how improvements in grazing and other management of riparian areas can enhance landscape health and productivity, for the benefit of landowners, agricultural producers, communities and others who use and value riparian areas.

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