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Mora Landowner Questionnaire

 February 11, 2015

Dear Landowner,

I am writing to introduce the Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance (HPWA) and to let you know about one of our current projects. The Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance (HPWA) is a local nonprofit that focuses on improving the condition of our watersheds so they can continue to sustain us and the plants and animals that are such a vital part of them.

With a grant from the NM Environment Department, HPWA has been collecting data on the condition of the lower Mora Watershed, both its land and water. The goal is to use this data in combination with community input to develop a plan to improve the watershed’s condition to help protect our water supply and improve land productivity at the same time. The plan we develop will help acquire funding for private and public landowners to restore degraded conditions or help implement land management activities to improve watershed health.

HPWA strives to find resources to: improve soil health, improve plant cover, reduce erosion and sedimentation, conduct river restoration and wetland enhancement, improve water storage in soils, implement sound livestock management practices with fencing or water catchment, support sound agricultural practices, or anything else that helps our watersheds to cool, clean, and store water in a sustainable and ecologically appropriate manner.

The health of the land not only affects its ability to support our many needs but it also affects the quantity and quality of water available for all of us. No matter how you use your land, whether it is for your livelihood, enjoyment, and a place to call home, the healthier that land and water is the better your needs and desires will be met.

In order to develop a plan that addresses your observations and goals as a landowner or land manager, we’d like to personally meet with you. This meeting will help us to better understand the land health concerns you have observed and help plan for ways to find appropriate resources to address your concerns.

To complete the plan within the timeline of the grant, we’d like to meet with you over the next couple of months. Please contact us to set up a time or we will contact you in the near future if we have an email address or phone number for you. Please also feel free to pass this letter on to others, as our mailing list for residents of the lower Mora Watershed is limited.


Lea Knutson,                                                           Katie Withnall,

Executive Director , Project Manager                       Project Coordinator


Landowner Questionnaire


If you are interested in working with us to help improve the health of your land, fill out this form and we’ll start the discussions to develop a project that works well both for you and for our watershed.



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